YOU 2.0


Everyone knows how the Law of Attraction works BUT not why it is not working for them?

Not everyone is paying close attention to what they are manifesting in their own lives.

Why doesn’t it always work?

Do you feel blocked when you are trying to manifest great things in your life?

All the people who have achieved their dreams faced the same problem initially.

This is Natural and the main reason most people are unable to achieve their dreams even when the opportunity is favorable.

Who is this workshop for?

Feeling Resistance ?

Feel stuck in your manifestation ?

Worrying other people are blocking your manifestations?

Mixed Feelings ?

Lack of Focus.

Manifesting what you don’t want?

Lack of Faith ?

You don’t see it happening.

Nothing is moving.

What will you learn in this workshop?


Stumbling Blocks to your Success.

Common Errors in Manifesting.

Analyzing internal conflicts.


Transmit the right messages to the Universe to manifest abundance.

What the Universe expects of you.


Powering down negative emotions.

Mobilize your Positive Power.

Be Motivated Within.


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The program will be conducted live on ZOOM.

The Date of the workshop is July 11, 2021.

Duration: 4 LIVE Hours

Time : 11 AM to 1 PM & 6PM to 8 PM


Yes. You will receive the recording.

No. There is No Up-Sell

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Meet Your Trainer

Rajesh Nair

Founder of Being Positive Soul and Life Coach

Trained 3000+ People in Visualization Program. Guided people to transform their mindset and lives and manifest their dreams. Have a community of 15000 members on Facebook. Practitioner and a student of Law of Attraction since 2012. Daily Reader and Learner. Enthusiastic about exploring all the secrets of the Universe.