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Are Your Where You want to be?

10 Years ago I was Introduced to the Law of Attraction by a Colleague. Initially I manifested a good results in my job, got better job, made money, had good relationship, better health. I manifested big deals easily. Everything was going smooth.

Then things stopped. It got stagnated. I tried and tried and got no results. Frustration creeped in my life.

Then I devoted my life to learning more about the Law of Attraction.

Everybody does the same mistake.

Like everyone I was only interested in manifesting things. I tried all the techniques to manifest and did nothing to make myself a better.

What will you do when you want everything but you can focus only on one thing? Everyone will tell you to focus on one thing. But what if you are struggling in your career and relationship? What will you focus?

Our Personality creates our personal reality. To create a change in our circumstance we need to be a positive magnet.

This is where it helps being a Positive Magnet. A positive magnet is a person who attracts positive outcome, opportunities and optimistic people around them.

Your Self-Image is crucial.

Positive Magnet is a person who has a positive personality. Positive personality is not just being a positive talker or putting up positive posts on whats App status and Instagram.

Its how positive and capable you find yourself.

Everyone is unique and everyone is running on different vibration thanks to the programming.

Everyone have their own.

You become a brand-new person when you let go off old beliefs and install new ones. You can open a brand-new chapter of Abundance in your life.

Discover the Proven “Secrets” to Manifesting and Break the Limitations

Join Today and Discover

Subconscious Blocks that is Sabotaging Your Success and Abundance.

The Keys to Eliminate the Limiting Beliefs.

How to Reprogram Your Mind to Manifest Financial Abundance, Optimal Health, Great Realtionships, Happiness and Inner Peace.

The Secret to Become a Positive Magnet.


We help you be ready for the next stage of your life AND Design the life you want.



Eliminate Subconscious Blocks

The limiting belief will always block and sabotage your Success and Abundance. Identify and Clear Your Limiting Beliefs.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind

Re-programing the mind with beliefs required to achieve Great Success and Abundance.

Amplify your Abundance

Increase Your Vibration above 500 Level and Connect to Higher Consciousness and attract Abundance in any area of Life.

One to One Session

Personal Mentorship with Daily Ongoing Support and Supervision. Interactive Sessions every week.

Flexible Timings

Program is created with you in mind. Fits your busy Schedule. 99% Completion Rate.

Bonus Worth Rs.10000

Join Today and Get a Yearly membership and Bonus worth Rs.10000/-

What Our students are saying

Gratitude to this program. I did this program in November 2021 I was facing problems and was struggling to focus. It helped me regain my focus and confidence. I learned to focus with the same energy always. The program made me believe nothing is impossible if our mind is strong and focused. I am manifesting a good flow in my business. Thank You for this amazing program.

Krishnaveni.J, Bangalore

Incredible Program that sincerely cares about helping. I overcame the negative barriers, and this enabled my transformation. Received start-up funding in 3 months of joining the program, and life is happier. Thank you Rajesh, for your constant support. In you, I found a coach and friend.

Mario Canova, USA

Key Outcomes

Self Awareness

Awareness is the first step towards transformation. Be aware of beliefs and thoughts which the subconscious mind is using to make everyday decisions and attract reality to your life.

Positive Magnet

Transform into a Positive Magnet and attract Positive Outcomes, Circumstances, and People into your life. Refocusing on what you want. Live Life with Positive Beliefs.

Get Breakthroughs

Bounce Back Quickly from any Obstacles. Get the doors of opportunities opened for you. As you connect to Higher Consciousness, Be Guided by the Universe.

Build Strong Habits

Building Daily Practices of Law of Attraction. Time Management. Build Self-Discipline and Get out of Procrastination.

Rise to New Level

Release your biggest fears & the bad habits that are keeping you stuck. Rise to new levels of Self Motivation and Confidence.

Post Program Support

We will always have your back. Your Success is our Success.

bonus worth Rs.10000

M365 Program

The Special Extended Edition of Law of Attraction. Attract Miracles Daily. Get the 365 Days of Magical Program Absolutely Free.

Post Program Support

Learn how to maintain your positiveness and Be in control of your emotions. Free Support over WhatsApp after the program.


"If you are wondering and frustrated with no manifestation, this is the right program for you. I am happy as my sales have increased 1.5x."
Harsha Shah
Sales Professional
"I went from struggling to make money to financial abundance. My mental health has quite improved. I now believe everything is possible in my life."
Ishika Gupta
Product Manager
"Manifested a new job, new role, good raise and great colleagues and environment. I appreciate how coach Rajesh has continued to act as a point of motivation beyond the program."
Katrina Bartar
Finance Consultant
"Just want to say thank you. From stressful life to happy life, my journey is getting better each day. Working at my ideal job in my ideal company. Relationships are smooth. I enjoy my new confidence."
"Your visualisation techniques made it easy for me to be specific about my desires. I started getting results from the 1st month. First, it was my kittens finding a home, then a fantastic job opportunity, financial freedom, and a new car! I highly recommend attending this course. Thank you!"
Content Developer
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The only way to get ahead is to start right now.

Get Bonus Worth Rs.10000 Today.
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