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Bring Positive Changes

  • Bring changes in your current situation and become more happy and fulfilling.
  • Positive Impact on the Mental Well-Being.
  • Create Prosperity and Positive Images in your Mind.

Focus Like a Millionaire

  • Break the internal barriers limiting your success.
  • Master Art of Dealing with Distractions.
  • Focus your thought and mind images on the Goal with precision.

Manifest Desired Ourcome

  • Manifest Reality.
  • Turn a negative situation into a positive one in no time.
  • Scale your wealth, health and relationships.

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Manifestation Guide

Hi, I am Rajesh Nair. Founder of Being Positive Soul, Your Personal Manifestation Guide, and Certified Life Coach. I have studied the Law of Attraction for the last 11 years and guided people to realize their dreams.

I am Digital Entreprenuer and avid reader. Read more than 100 books on self-help.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction in 2012 by my colleague. As usual, it worked well for me in the beginning. It helped to scale my career, improve relationships and make more money.

Then the magic faded. Then I researched more about manifesting. I enrolled in the Programs of Mr.Joe Vitale & Bob Proctor. It gave me a deeper understanding of the whole Manifestation Process.

I have conducted more than 50 Sessions Of the Super Visualisation Program in the last 4 years.

I am here to empower and support you on your transformative journey. With my expertise in manifesting, and mindset optimization, I will help you break through limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and create a clear roadmap for your dreams.

Together, we will unleash your inner manifesting power. Step into a life of purpose and design your own success story. Let's embark on this empowering partnership and create the life you truly desire.

They Did It. You Can Too.

More than 3000+ enrolled in the program in the last 3 years. Check what they have to say
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