Feeling Good or bad is a common features in all living creatures. Many of us selectively feel bad. Yes Right “Selectively”. We can select how we feel.

Let’s Experiment:

Pick up a romantic song. How do you feel? Now select a sad or break-up song. Feel the difference?

When You feel good, you want to work, create, compete, win, help and so on. Feeling’s vibrate from one person to another. You make others feel good. Every thing falls in line; hope, peace, health, money, success. Whenever you feel low, just change it instantly by watching funny videos, playing with small kids or pets. There will be sad moments, as that’s the part of life. But to stay happy or sad is your choice.

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In this workshop, we will teach you

  1. How to alter your feelings
  2. Identify hotspots that change your feeling.
  3. Daily Doses to feel good.


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