Burning of the Old Man – A Goan New Year’s Eve Tradition

If you’re in Goa on December 31st, you’ll see people, especially kids, carrying a homemade figure of an old man and collecting donations. This old man is made of dry grass, paper, sticks, and old clothes. Once finished, they put the final touches on it and place it on a chair or bicycle. Before the new year begins, they burn the effigy.

This old man represents the troubles and failures of the year. Burning it signifies leaving behind sadness and getting rid of negative things before entering the new year with a positive outlook.

When starting something new—whether it’s a job, business, move, relationship, or home—begin with a fresh mindset. Let go of anything holding you back. Stagnation in the mind leads to stagnation in life.

Many try to adopt a new mindset without letting go of the old. While this might work for a while, when faced with challenges, old beliefs resurface and take over.

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I learned about the law of attraction in January 2012. It took me eight years to realize that you don’t need new techniques or more energy; you need to become self-aware and understand your thinking and the belief system holding you back to live a more abundant and happy life. Everyone has unique beliefs and experiences that are stagnating their life.

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