Are you the rabbit or the turtle??

In our childhood, we have read the story of the rabbit and the turtle many times over and again with different versions of the moral of the story. If we think deeper in the story, it’s all about faith and persistence. How many of us would have undertaken such a challenge? Being logical species we will not even think of it. On an average, a turtle walks at a speed between 3 to 4 miles per hour while the rabbit can run at a speed of 45 miles per hour. If we had the calculation, then the answer would be a big ‘NO’. But faith and persistent action beat logic all the time.

We all thought of doing something but never dared to act, as we feared it’s an impossibility and later regretted when someone did it. It is not the difficulty of the task that stops us, but the doubt in ourselves. Doubts have robbed us of our dreams. We can either live a life of fear and disappointment or live by faith and have a blessed life. It’s the choices we make that matters and only we have a say in the choice that we make, and only when we have faith in ourselves.

Some of us are blessed with faith and jump immediately on the task. As the days of the work shine with small rewards, we take much big naps. We indulge in resting, partying and lavishing and soon everything crashes. With continuous work and extra efforts, bigger rewards could have been pocketed, but we end up surrendering the initial advantage. Any achievement needs continuous focus and one method of maintaining the focus is constant action. The intent here is not to discourage taking a rest. It should rejuvenate, not slow you down and cause inactivity.

Moral of the story – Have faith in yourself. Begin and work until it is accomplished and take a few quality rests on the way.

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