Reinvent Yourself

Once a person was admiring a butterfly. Wow, you are such a beautiful creature in the Universe. From a caterpillar, you transform into a pretty butterfly. Your journey is a motivation to humankind.

Butterfly whispered to the person: You are amazed by my transformation. You talk about it all the time. I can do it only once in my lifetime. You have the power to do it anytime and in countless ways. Open your mind and reinvent yourself.

Yes, we can reinvent ourselves. We can have the new life we are always dreaming of.

To do that, we only have to rethink ourselves. We have to break away from the daily routines that do not serve our growth.

We have to ask questions. How can I change? How can I design my life?

As we explore possibilities for a better way of life, we will learn the new ways that will bring us everything we desire.

We must understand that science supports our ability to change and that we, as human beings, have great potential. The doors will open automatically. Abundance will flow like a river.

The only question is, do you want it? or do you want to stay victim to your thoughts and feelings?

Once you manage your internal Universe, the higher Universe will manifest the intention. It always does. Only we are not aware of it.

Our thoughts design our life. Think right now, what are you focussing on? Because that is what you are manifesting right now. Fears, chaos, lack, frustrations, anger, nothing.

Change is a powerful word, and it is possible if you choose it.

How is it possible to end this cycle of negativity? The answer, of course, lies in YOU.

You just have to make up your mind. Until you make it a priority, you will never have time.

Don’t waste another year by repeating the same mistakes.


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