How to Attract Money -101

This is a proven formula. If you work on it, you will attract more money. Whatever salary or income you get, save minimum 10% of it, the moment you get your salary. The remaining money, spend the way you want.

Ex. If you get Rs.10000. Save 1000. Remaining you spend the way you want.
Keep this 10% in any other account or start RD or invest in SIP. But don’t use it.

It’s easy and we can do. After working for 5 years, I had zero savings. But two years back I came upon this law and started following it. I was in debt. More than 60% of my income was going in loan re-payment or paying credit card dues. There was no saving because I spent first and tried to save latter, which is impossible.

Once you have money, your mind will be free. No matter how small your saving is. Slowly you’ll attract more money. I started with a SIP of small amount and I’m still continuing it.


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