Law of Attraction – Myths & Facts – I


1) Just wish and no action
Many people just make a wish and sit. They don’t make any efforts for their dream.  When the opportunity comes, they ignore it because they want it easy or procrastinate. Later they lose faith because their wishes remain unfulfilled.

2) Money wishes.
I see people putting magic cheques for millions and billions. Watch the secret movie again. The writer Jack Canfield had a skill of writing. That’s why he could manifest a hundred thousand dollar. Put a small and reasonable amount. (To know why read How to Manifest money?)

3) You will receive it instantly.
Everything is a process. Process takes its time. You must continuously work on your goals with faith.
Imagine you plant a seed. It takes time for that seed to grow into a tree and bear fruits. But you need to water it daily and nurture it.

4) An easy formula
Many people are looking for an easy formula. Investments that give overnight double returns. That’s why they get conned. You have to learn and practice. Remember only an experienced practitioner gets his job done easily.


Facts on Law of Attraction

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