How to Manifest Money ?

People have it tough with manifesting money. They are already in debt and find it very difficult to make more money. While some think they make less money. Putting a big amount of magic cheque does not work as their mind is constantly worried about the debt. Also they are unable to convince their belief system. It appears to be difficult for people who are not following the law of attractions regularly.

So here we have a remedy:
1) Earn more money at  job.
Put the amount you want to receive with regards to your salary after the next appraisal. If you receive bonus make a separate magic cheque for that. Based on the frequency of bonus make the cheque. If you receive monthly put only one cheque for that particular month.

2) You have a job and want to make extra money.
First of all, acquire a skill if you feel you have none. Put into use the ones you possess. For e.g. sales, marketing, coaching, training, designing, cooking, programming, acting, music, dance, Youtuber… There is a big list.
You can even channel your hobbies or passion.
Put a small amount you want to earn and increase it slowly.

Let’s consider various examples.

1) Consider you are into real estate renting. So put a magic cheque of Rs.10000

2) If you are into stock market. Put the price at which you want to sell the stock. Like I bought 30 shares @ Rs. 348. So I put and visualized selling it a @Rs. 590. Remember to make little research before investing.

3) If you are a salesperson you can either put the sales target you want to achieve for the month or the amount you want to earn in the form of incentives or commission. Business people can also try the same approach.

4) People providing coaching put an amount you want to make every month. Say Rs.6000

Start with a low amount and once you are confident increase it gradually.

Here is some ways to make money.


Note: Rs stand for INDIAN RUPEES

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