15 Affordable Part-Time Business Ideas

With many countries under lock-down, shut businesses have taken a toll on the income.

While ruing the missed opportunities and not having a part-time income source, life is getting tougher. Well, it’s not too late.

With lock-down extended to 1st week of May 2020, take this opportunity to improve the skill or pick a new one and learn.

An extra income always gives joy and confidence.

Along with managing the debts, a steady income can be built and dreams can be achieved.

With flexible timings, this can be managed even after regular work or on the weekends.

Part-time work gives you time to learn from your mistakes and you won’t have to face them when you pursue it full time.

Once it grows steadily with a good income, you can pursue it as a full-time business.  It’s a perfect way of building a customer base.

We are listing below some part-time income sources which one can pursue.

Real Estate broker – It’s easy to be a part-time real estate broker.

Even two deals in a year will get you a good income.


Insurance Advisor – Insurance is an ever-booming industry.

Life, motor, and health are always in great demand.

Your contacts and people around you are buying from somewhere, so why not make an earning.

The best thing is you don’t need an investment and it pays you a good income.


Mutual Fund Advisor – With more people being aware of equities and the benefits of investing in Mutual funds, this is the right time to become one.


Stock Markets – Investing in stock markets will earn you a sufficient income. You can start with a small amount.

One has to learn the basics, study, and research before investing and be non-greedy.

You can earn your savings account interest of a year in two months.

If you don’t want to sell or meet people, this is the best option. There are so many online courses you can learn.

Click here to learn online stock market.


Content writer– If you have a good grasp on language, grammar and writing you can make an earning by being a content writer.

With the growth of the digital market, there is a high demand for content writers.

Take a niche, create your blog or page and promote your content.

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Coaching/Training – In an era where competition is tough, more and more people are seeking improvisations.

There is a high demand for learning a new language, improving writing skill, speaking and communication skills.

Sales and marketing coaches are in high demand.


Graphic Designer – There are many designers out there. But many lack creativity. People are constantly looking for creating logos and images for their new websites and FB pages.

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Web and App Developer – Lots of small businesses are looking for low-cost websites. As their need is small and simple it can be quite easily managed.

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Social Media Manager –Offer your social media expertise to local businesses or small online businesses by setting up and managing their online accounts.

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Fitness Trainer – Today everyone is health conscious and they are ready to spend money on maintaining health and fitness.

Yogis, you can offer classes or even private lessons in your home, a rented studio space, or even online.


Affiliate Marketer – Set up a website, blog or some social media profiles and earn money by posting affiliate links to relevant products or services.


Baker – Love baking? You can sell baked cakes at events or to local businesses. Make a personalized cake for birthdays and anniversaries.


Marketing – Tie-up with small or medium businesses, sell the products and take your commissions.


Food stall – Open a delicious food stall in the evenings or on the weekend.


YouTuber/Influencer – If you are good at something, make a YouTube video and post it. There are lots of influencers earning through this.


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