How I received two job offers in two months?

Hi, my name is Dhiraj and since September 2019 I have been trying to switch jobs.

I answered many interviews, informed many people, took reference of many HR executives and leaders but no success.

I was frustrated at my current job. After staying away from home and my girlfriend for 2 years I desperately wanted to move close to them and from the New Year onwards my life has changed for good.

Now I have two exciting offers in hand.

It was in September that I decided to look for a change. I was frustrated with doing the same job for the same money.

I either wanted a raise or move on from this place and thus began my journey of job hunting.

I updated my resume on job portals, called up all the friends and informed them, took the reference to the HR guys and the available job positions.

I even called up some senior leaders from other companies. There was nothing I didn’t do for an interview call.

Applied for any internal job postings. One interview went badly.

Other companies were unable to give me the salary I was expecting for this location.

By the end of 2019, I started feeling down and frustrated.

I was even ready to move to a metro location at the current salary because I was sure that no company will offer a decent hike at this location.

With every rejection, I was drinking and smoking more.

Meanwhile, my friend was telling me to chill and take it slowly with the interviews.

At the beginning of this year, I asked for his opinion.

He rather asked me, whether I will consider what he has to tell. I told him I will because I desperately wanted a change and would have done anything.

He told me to list all the things I learned at this job and for the things that I’m grateful for.

I listed a few things that came to my mind and then he explained the law of attraction and “The Secret”. Before leaving he told me to explore more good things about my current job.

The next day to my surprise I come up with a list. Before that, I used to have a list of all the job openings. I felt good to know, that I learned so many new and great things at this job.

Never thoughts of all the skills that I acquired. I had taken this job for granted and cursed it.

I asked him for the next step and he told me to focus on the current job. He told me to stop running madly after every recruiter and to wait until a call comes from the recruiters.

So I decided to wait till May as appraisals were only three months away. I went to movies and did not discuss the interviews or about the job. Meanwhile visited my girlfriend & family on weekends.

Somewhere in the last week of January, I received a call for an interview in the current location and it went quite well. The interviewer asked about my current salary but didn’t ask about my expectations nor did I ask or tell him.

The next day I sent the documents and after two hours they released an offer letter. I was shocked that they offered me more than what I was expecting. There was no limit to my joy.

The first thing I did was call my friend and told him about the offer.

I remember him asking me what I will do when I get a good job offer and I had told him that he will be the first person to get the good news. Omg that was déjà vu.

It was a Saturday and on Monday evening applied for resignation and was under 90 days’ notice period.

Don’t go, picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost (the movie is still not over my friend).

Two weeks back our company’s VP was in town and he was impressed by my knowledge and presentation and offered a transfer in a different department at HO. OMG, I have had never imagined it. This is one of the most wonderful things that happened in my life.

After that, there was some dispute over the allowance. HR told me that I won’t be getting an extra allowance of Rs.15000 as I was on notice period.

I told my friend about this and he assured me I will get the allowance.

Just three days back I told him that I will go to HO even if they don’t provide me an extra allowance. My colleagues, friends, and family were asking me not to throw this wonderful opportunity for allowance and I should go to the same package.

But my friend kept insisting that I will get the allowance and today I got the joining date with the confirmation on allowance in writing in mail.

Yahoooooooooo.  Thank you so much. I am so happy. This is a miracle.

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