Whats holding you back from moving forward?

It’s our attitude towards life that determines life’s attitude towards us. This attitude will either take you forward in life or hold you back. Many people say they don’t have time. It’s the holiday season, and the new year is coming, so I will do it in Jan. Then something comes in Jan, and they say Feb, then Mar. Then someone’s marriage, festival, Diwali, and it’s again the new year.

It is not the lack of time but the attitude and the conditioning delaying your progress. I have mentored many in my life coaching program. This is a sentence I get to hear from students before they join my program. “I never have time for anything. I am not able to do anything consistently for three days.” Today they give 20-30 minutes to themselves every day. They have beaten procrastination.

The Subconscious block

Lack of time is just another subconscious block. It may seem like a tiny block, but its impact is heavy. You say you deserve everything good, and you do deserve it. The only thing you need to do is show yourself worthy of what you deserve. You have no idea what you are capable of when you identify and clear your subconscious blocks. Clear goals and consistency each day help you keep moving forward. Start small and focus on building your foundation. To move ahead in your career, you need to upskill. If you start today, then in 12 months, you will have completed your skill program.

Take advice and get mentored. Why do international sports teams require coaches? Why do successful people and millionaires have personal mentors? Nobody is perfect. Everyone needs a guide. It’s easy to fall off the track when you don’t have an accountability partner. You remain stuck in your mental pit, seeing no way out. A mentor and life coach helps you escape your mental rut using the self-power you possess. There are things you need to do daily for your self-care. Eat, Bath, Sleep, body workout, and mind workout.

Your mindset is the key to changing your life. You will struggle to achieve your dreams if you do not believe in yourself. Create your powerful self-image in subconscious mind, and you can manifest anything.

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