Letting Go of the Mafia Boss Mindset

Today, a friend of mine shared a post that read, “People who make others happy are usually the most broken ones.” It’s interesting how we unconsciously affirm such statements. If you observe social media content, you’ll notice discussions about betrayal, lack of support, and even showcasing those who haven’t stood by you during your journey. This tendency often leads us to slip into a victim mindset.

It’s natural for us to ask for help from those we’ve helped before. But sometimes, they might not be able to help us back at that moment. That doesn’t mean others won’t support us. Is there anyone who doesn’t like this quote, , “They come when they need you, but not when you need them.”

When you keep repeating such thoughts, you’re shaping a reality of people who aren’t supportive in your life and career.

So, what’s the alternative?

Let go off the “Mafia Boss” mindset, where we keep track of who helped and who didn’t.

Instead, embrace an open perspective, and you’ll likely receive positive responses from the universe. Imagine you’ve financially assisted a friend, and when you need help, that same friend isn’t able to help you. Rather than succumbing to the negativity on social media, hold onto optimism. If you maintain an open outlook, the universe tends to introduce new avenues of support.

Everyone faces challenges; the world isn’t against you, it’s on your side. Stay open-minded. Don’t let a few rejections shape your view. If you assume people won’t support you, the universe can mirror that back to you.

What you believe becomes your reality, according to Neville Godard’s Law of Assumptions. Cultivate positive assumptions. Embrace openness, and support will likely find its way to you. Extend help and have faith in goodness, and you might receive double in return. The universe often sends help in unexpected forms.

Today, I shared this good morning message in our exclusive group: “The Universe has people ready to bring blessings into your life.” Everything is falling into place just right. I’ve been wanting to discuss this topic for a while. Everything falls into place when you’re aligned with the right mindset. I’ve been meaning to discuss this topic for a while.

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