Today I learned about a sport that is played on the sports day at schools in Japan. Bo-taoshi.

It consists of two teams, defenders and attackers, with 75 players on each side.

The defenders have to defend their poles. One person sits on top of the pole and the rest defend the pole.

The attackers come and fight the defenders. Defenders lose when their pole is tilted to an angle of 30-degree.

A referee will indicate this using a flag, then declare the winner.

As I saw this video, a thought popped in my mind. I felt this game was similar to our lives! I felt that this is how our mind works.

We have a goal and we need to protect our goal from negative thoughts.

I compared the goal to the man sitting on top of the pole.

We try to protect and nourish our goals with all the positive attitude and positive energy we have in our body.

Now, this positivity can be compared to the defenders in the game, the stronger they are safer is our goal.

Like attackers in the game, there are are many negative thoughts that run in our minds from dawn to dusk. Some of these negative thoughts take birth in us and some negative thoughts are planted in our minds by people around us.

As in the game if we allow the attackers (negative thoughts) to run over our minds and break the defenders (positive walls) soon they will climb up and limit our beliefs, will take over and bring down our goals.

Once our goals are down, our confidence levels drop due to which we hesitate to set another goal or get the previous goal back on track!


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