Making a Real Change

“Books were my pass to personal freedom.”

                                                                             – Oprah Winfrey

Visiting the doctor is not enough to heal. One must take the prescribed medicine by the doctor and follow the guidelines.

Once I recommended a book to my friend. After he finished reading, I asked him about the learning or method he implemented in his life.

I was shocked at his reply as he didn’t implement anything from the book and, he couldn’t explain much about the book.

People like to follow popular trends. Thanks to Instagram and motivational speakers, people are reading a lot of books. Especially self-help books.

And people are just reading. They are reading more without utilizing the secrets or lessons from the book.

Reading is not enough.

Many leaders reread the same article or book multiple times. It’s not because they didn’t understand the concepts the first time.

It’s because the concepts are so important to the leader that they want to be reminded of why they are important.

Leaders are readers because they want to keep the best business concepts in the forefront of their thoughts.

Take a break from the reading marathon and make a real change from the book you read or the course you enroll in.

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