The Energy Within Us

Today morning while I was practicing my speaking skills and reading a chapter from the novel “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell, I came across these two beautiful quotes which I had written down for future social media posts.

“If we could act a little more according to common sense, and a good deal less according to fashion, we should find many things work easier.”

“The inhuman, brutal treatment you give others not only cause pain to them but by giving way to such passion you injure your soul.”

Little did I know that this would be helpful to me. A lot of time I feel that God is guiding me fiercely. It shows me the path. When I started this program, for the first 2 batches, I used to write the daily task in the group. Few people asked me to make videos. From the third batch onwards I shifted to videos. A few people gave bad and nasty comments on the videos. It had happened twice in the past. I decided that I will stop this program. But a moment later success stories would follow up and I would dance with joy. I don’t know the ‘ABC’ of dance. I just dance like a tribal from Africa (as they commonly show in the movies). Whenever my mother sees me dancing this way she asks me laughing that why I am dancing like a tribal African. I feel the joy. Try dancing madly for 2 minutes. Don’t mind the steps, just do it. You will feel this joy too.

In my past, there was a time when I used to feel down constantly. I used to listen to high pitch motivational videos for over an hour or so. But soon the effect used to wear away. And I started to feel low again. This happens with all of us. Every day we see many posts and videos on social media, YouTube, WhatsApp statuses and forwards. Does it make any change in our daily life? Do we implement it?

The motivation must come from within. You will have to take action towards your goal, then only you can face all the storms. We are looking the wrong way. We want others to motivate us and make us feel good. We rely on others for our happiness.

Many people say that they don’t feel the energy. But everyone does feel and we have the energy within us that is needed to accomplish all our goals. We are using that energy on other matters which are not even beneficial and end up harming us more. We need to channelize that energy. Why do you think people don’t feel good even after doing meditation?

This program is beneficial only when you do the given tasks. People have achieved their goals. Even those who criticized it earlier. A lot of motivational coaches, Life Coaches and others who come to my class are teaching these techniques. Even our group has some life coaches. You are welcome to join this group and I wish you all the success. I’m always open to collaborations.

Once upon a time, even I was rejected, I have failed miserably and I was in debt. I used to cry to God, asked him to give me what I want. I became an atheist and then understood how God works. There was a time when criticism would make me angry for days, and I started smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. It’s not the case today. I have used LOA. I practiced and failed with it. I experimented with it. For a year I only visualized, without taking any action towards my goals. But now, I have evolved.

I know my shortcomings and I am constantly working and practising on them to evolve myself. I agree I don’t have the looks and voice that you are looking for. But there is one thing that I know, “I HAVE THE POWER – TO MAKE AN IMPACT, TO GUIDE AND MENTOR YOU TO MASTER LIFE, TO GUIDE YOU TO YOUR DESTINY, I HAVE THE POWER”. This is my belief and faith.

At the end of this program, I won’t have a live session and sell you a High-Priced Course. This is the only Full Visualisation Program. I have other programs, but only for those who seek it. I will just inform you about it. Because the passion for learning and change should come from within you. Until you are ready, no one can help you and no one will help you. It will be like a rehabilitation program. Once you are out of the program you go back to your previous self. It happens with everyone. Because we don’t let our new learning to become our habit. A mentor can only guide you, inspire you, but it’s you who has to work forward and implement it in your life.

Everyone has it hard but it’s our courage and determination that creates our success. Tell me who had it easy. Even the Gods, the prophets and the Son of God had it tough. Bhagwan Rama had to suffer. Bhagwan Krishna had to suffer. Arjuna being Bhagwan Krishna’s cousin, best friend and devotee was only guided by the God. But when you are ready to fight your battles even God will fight with you in your war.

We are focusing on matters that are of no concern to us, and that is the main reason we are unable to manifest. Two weeks back a friend of mine said that Robin Sharma’s book is boring and illogical. I helped him to get up at 5 am, just using the principles of the book “The 5 am Club”.

In 2012 I had bought an International self-help bestseller “How to Stop worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. After reading a few chapters I got bored and didn’t touch it for the next 18 months. Later when I finished it, I cursed myself for not completing it before. Most of us are ignoring the small blessings and learnings, waiting for bigger and fancy things to happen. What we don’t realize is that these small things will one day lead to bigger things.

I’m no saint. There was a time when I loved trolling. I was affected by every other Facebook post. I would complain about tiny matters. But no more. There is a time for everything. With time you evolve. I love to watch stand up comedies now but I no more make someone feel down. LOA is a powerful technique. Use it wisely and for good purposes.

I Love You

I am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

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