A Housewife Manifested Her Dream Home.

It was just two days after I started my page “Being Positive Soul” on Facebook in Dec 2018, I received a message from a stranger. The girl told me that she was worried about her mother.

Her mother was always in tension and it was affecting her health.

She used to be angry and irritated all day long. Her mother was worried about the future of her children. She was upset that they didn’t have their own home.

They had plot in their village which they wanted to sell.

3 Years ago it would have fetched Rs.50-55 lakhs. But today the price has dropped to Rs.35-37 lakhs. She was angry at the lost opportunity. She had a dream of living in her own house.

So I asked this girl to ask her mother casually, what she thinks when she is in the kitchen or when doing other household chores. She spoke to her mother.

She told her little about LOA and how one’s thoughts and thinking helps to achieve one’s desire. She then asked her mother what she thinks most about.

She said that she doesn’t know. So she asked her mother what does she think when she is in the kitchen. She explained that she thinks about her and her other siblings.

She is worried about their future. She wants them to live a good life.

She is upset that they don’t have a home and how they missed the opportunity of not selling their plot when the price was good.

The next day she told this to me. I asked her to check at what price her mother wanted the plot to be sold and if she believed that she will get that price.

Her mother wanted the price of 55 lakhs. But she didn’t have faith.

Then we did a shift in her thoughts. We told her to think about the land being sold at 55 lakhs. We told her to think that she got a call from her brother informing her that there is a party who wants to buy the plot at 55 lakhs. Initially, she tried but she didn’t feel so good. She kept having the fearful thoughts of not getting that amount.

Then we made some changes on her Facebook and Youtube feeds. Her daughter liked the pages about architecture and home designs on Facebook from her mother’s account.

So whenever her mother would browse Facebook she would see various designs. She started liking the designs. She saved some of the designs on her phone. She felt good.

Sometimes negative thoughts would come and she would get upset. Then she would watch the saved images.

Soon she started having a mental conversation with her brother. While in the kitchen she would believe that her brother has called her and she would talk to him as they normally talk.

She would ask about the family and other things and then her brother would give her news the news that a party is looking to buy the plot for 55 lakhs. She created her scripts in her mind.

She also kept a name for the home. In January 2020 the plot was sold and she got the cheque for 58 lacs. They bought a home and they got it at a better price.

The mother, she didn’t do the image visualization. She used a method that we all use in everyday life, which is called passive visualization. She was doing this method with her eyes open.

She was talking to her brother in her mind. Speaking a script in her mind.

She was hearing her brother’s voice and her voice and this created a mental picture even though she didn’t know about it. She never visualised the 55 lacs cheque. Her daughter created the magic cheque.

But the mother never felt good seeing the cheque. She only saw the pictures of the home designs that she saved on her phone. Sometimes she and her daughter would discuss the design in real life.

Passive visualization is a very strong visualization technique which is as effective as image visualization.

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