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Are you reading your horoscope 2022? A few years back, it was a routine exercise for me to read horoscopes at the beginning of every year and sometimes before the next month. I realized it was a futile attempt since it breeds more fear than hope. But then a new idea hit upon me. Why don’t I write my own horoscope? So instead of someone else telling me how my year will be, I write how I want it to be. You can design your destiny and feels much better when you read it often.

To begin with, imagine it is the last day of the year. You are sitting in a quiet place and thinking about how good the year went. Imagine how you want the next year to be for you. Then, write down how your year was in various areas of your life, say career, health, money, business, relationship, personal, education.

Over the years, I have taught this manifestation technique to my students in the 5 Day Super Visualization Program, which is a hit with them. Every year-end, many students write their horoscope for the new year and send me over mail or WhatsApp.

Recently, a student sent his horoscope for 2022.

Date -31/12/2022

Hello Sir, Good Evening.

It is the last day of the year 2022, and I am celebrating the arrival of the New Year 2023 in Singapore.

Where should I begin? This year has been a Magnificent Year for me. I am blessed with abundance in all areas of life. As taught by you, I focused on transforming to be a Positive Magnet.Everything is smoothly attracted to me, from positive outcomes, optimistic people to circumstances.

I am blessed to have more faith in me. I have broken free from the cycle of feeling low and frustrated. My emotions are under my control. I have made peace with my past, and I have total faith in my future. Self-confidence truly gives hope, and it brings miracles. I am a miracle attractor. My sincere gratitude to you.

Personal Life – I have installed self-discipline in me. I wake up at 5 am, begin my day with meditation, visualization, and expecting the best for the day. I am managing my time quite well, and this boosted my productivity. I spend daily 1 hour reading books and learning new skills for my career.  I have enrolled in many programs. Improved my memory, presentation, and communication skills. I have completed each course. Now I finish all the tasks on schedule. I practice the Law of Attraction daily and have enrolled in your program multiple times this year. I have found peace and happiness. My attitude is positive.

Career – I landed an opportunity to work from home with a UK-based company. Pay and work timing is great. I am happy to find such a great job. I am blessed to have wonderful teammates and boss. My work is appreciated, and I fulfill my work. I love my work as I have the flexibility, and this is helping me to grow in my career.

Money– I am financially blessed with abundance. My job provides a good income. I save and invest my money. I make side money from freelancing. I can easily pay my bills and all expenses. My debts have lowered significantly. I have invested in crypto, and my investment has soared 200%.  My stock market and mutual fund investments have doubled. I invest in shares after careful study, and recommendation. Every share I invest turns profitable. Money has finally decided to settle with me.

Health – I sleep well. Meditation, Yoga, and jogging are my daily routines as my sleep, eating, and bathing. I have a perfect and fit body. I eat a healthy diet. All my health charts are at a normal level. My mental health is good. I focus my mind on my goals. I engage my mind in positive thoughts and work. I sleep to bed with hope and program my subconscious mind with positive things. I have learned to wait and do my work sincerely.

Learning – I learned to be consistent and resilient and face any obstacles. I am doing a doing Executive PG Diploma Programme in Management from IIM.

Relationship – My relationships with my family have improved a lot. The bond with my friends has grown stronger. This year I found my soulmate. We are compatible at many levels. It feels awesome to be in love and be loved. We are getting married next year. More importantly, my relationship with myself has grown stronger. I like and love myself. I am a better version of myself, and I am proud of myself.

Life truly has turned magical for me. I believe good is on the way. This year has been magical, and so will be the next year. I’m so grateful to Universe for all the blessings of this year. I am grateful to have you as a mentor.


Wish You a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Reminder – Have you written your Horoscope for 2022?

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