Mind Manthan – Unlock Your Blocks

When the Devas and Asura’s were conducting Samundra Manthan to churn the ocean of milk for extracting Amrit(Elixir), the first item to come out was Halahal (poison). Thereafter came all the Ratna’s(Gems or treasures) and, in the end, Amrit.

Our mind is like the Ocean of Milk. As like the ocean of milk, it can deliver you the poison or the gems.

This depends on what your subconscious mind is holding. We are being run by our subconscious programs most of the time.

As you know, the subconscious mind holds thoughts, impressions, and beliefs that the conscious mind is not aware of.

Your subconscious mind can be your greatest ally in achievement of your dreams. It responds to the energy of the thoughts and feelings within you, to attract external influences that hold the same vibration: like attracts like.

When you have fearful thoughts and vibrate these feelings, the universe responds with situations that make you more fearful.

The basis of manifesting is the belief that we can change our reality by changing our thoughts.

Studies suggest that the conscious mind is only in control around 5 percent of the time, whereas the programs of the subconscious mind influence 95 percent or more of our experiences.

This is fine if enough of our programming is positive, but if not – and rarely do we have dominantly positive programming – the results can be failure and frustration.

We are completely unaware that our subconscious minds are making our everyday decisions and actions.

Our lives are essentially a printout of our subconscious programs, behaviors that were fundamentally acquired from others (our parents, family, and community) before we were six years old.

Generally, our blocks are hidden from our conscious awareness in our subconscious databank.

As the subconscious drives so much of our everyday behavior, we can often find that when we want to make positive changes to our lives, we come up against conflict within.

This struggle is a sign that we have blocks and limiting belief’s in our subconscious mind.

During conscious/subconscious conflict there is negative self-talk. There is frustration, irritation and self-criticism, jealousy, mood swings. You are not in control of your thoughts and emotions.

Do you take action, commit to a goal and do what you say you will do most of the time? If not, then that is your sign because Lazy or Procrastination are symptoms of Blocks or Limiting beliefs.

To get the best in life do Mind Manthan. Unlock the negative beliefs which are holding you back.

Are you aware of your limiting beliefs? What are you doing to clear it? When are you going to do it?

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